At Buttercup Primary we take safety for all involved with the company, children, parents/carers, visitors to the school, students and staff, our number one priority. Staffs are entitled to carry out their work without threat of verbal abuse or physical violence. Any displays of aggression to our staff by a parent or carer, or child will be taken seriously and will be investigated fully, to establish the appropriate action to take. Violence or abuse of any description will not be tolerated.If an act of aggression or violence occurs the following steps may be taken:

Parents/carers to staff

  • Staff remain calm and non confrontational.
  • Staff to call on a colleague to try to help calm the situation.
  • If the situation worsens staff must ask the parent/carer to leave the building to calm down.
  • If they refuse to leave staff remind that it is a School and as such they cannot allow the children or other staff to witness any aggressive behaviour.
  • If they do not leave, & you feel the situation warrants it, ask another member of staff who is away from the situation to call the police, 999.
  • The incident will be recorded, as soon as possible and within 24 hours, and an investigation will follow to decide on the course of action to take.
  • Verbal or non verbal abuse could lead to termination of with Buttercup Primary.

Staff to parents or child

If a parent/carer should experience a member of staff displaying any type of aggressive behaviour they should bring it to the immediate attention of the school Headteacher or Designated CP Officer and follow our complaints policy and procedure.