At Buttercup Primary we believe that proper nutrition and fluid intake are essential to all members of the school community if they are to fulfil their potential in life. Proper nutrition is essential for good health and effective teaching and learning. We believe that all messages about food and drink within the school should be consistent.
As a school we want to play our role in establishing and maintaining life-long healthy and environmentally sustainable eating and drinking habits.

• To further develop and maintain an ethos within school in which a healthy choice is the easy choice
• To provide cross-curricular education that enables pupils to make an informed choice
• To involve the whole community in developing and maintaining healthy eating and drinking habits
• To have a pleasant and sociable dining experience which enhances the social development of all children
• To encourage foods that are rich in vitamins, iron ,calcium
• To encourage a balanced diet
• To offer milk and water to drink within the foundation stage and key stage 1.
• To encourage fluid intake with an easily accessible water supply throughout the day
• To take into account and accommodate dietary requirements
• To ensure high standards of hygiene amongst the children
• As many staff as possible to have a food handling / hygiene certificate
• To develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime

At Buttercup Primary we believe that all messages about nutrition need to be consistent
• Children are encouraged to drink water with their midday meal
• Not to accept sponsorship from companies who undermine our school’s healthy eating policy or Islamic values.
• To integrate healthy eating and drinking habits in all aspects of school life

Recognising parental responsibility and school/parent partnership, children are encouraged to have breakfast before leaving home. This will be done through discussion at snack time and PSHE.

Morning break
• All children are encouraged to bring fruit or vegetables as part of their morning snack. A piece of fruit, or a portion of a vegetable, is provided free of charge to all infant and nursery children.
• Milk or water is on offer for snack time.

To celebrate festivals (Eid) or  ( Jummah) children will be permitted to bring in sweets/chocolates to share with their class at the end of the school day.*(this may change and will be in line with the schools behavior policy)
For younger children, they will be reminded to seek parental permission before eating.

Like plants people wilt. We recognise that low fluid intake can lead to reduced academic performance through poor concentration and lethargy, reduced physical performance and health problems including headaches and urine infections.
All children and staff have free access to water throughout the day, drinks will be taken from an open cup.

Parents and children are asked not to bring or send sweets into school for snacks or packed lunch.

Teaching and Learning
Staff will sit with children during snack and meal times to provide a good role model, encourage good manners and lead conversation.
Food and cooking activities are used in a variety of ways to teach children and widen their experience if food they are given the opportunity to touch, taste, smell and feel a variety of foods.
As part of the behaviour programme run throughout the school, teachers may, on occasions, reward good behaviour/work with a small sweet/chocolate.

Parental Involvement
A copy of the Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy can be found in the school policies file in the general office.

Equal Opportunities
The healthy eating and drinking systems and strategies in our school will be accessible to all children and staff regardless of race, gender and SEN.

Health and Safety
Food will be stored according to instructions on packaging and common sense. Advice will be sought from the catering staff and Environmental Health if necessary.

Buttercup Primary adheres to environmental health guidance.

Monitoring the Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy
The teachers will monitor provision for healthy eating and drinking through the school.