Odd socks day at Buttercup Primary– Anti-bullying week

As part of Anti-bullying awareness day, the children were invited to wear their favourite odd socks to school and to encourage children to express themselves and celebrate their individuality. The odd socks also symbolises that everyone is different and at Buttercup we value everyone for who they are. Children were encouraged to share ‘one kind […]

Year 5 and 6 visited the Shadwell Fire Station

Thursday 11th November 2021  Year 5 and 6 visited the Shadwell Fire Station to take part in The Tower Hamlets Junior Citizenship scheme . The children were given the opportunity to explore various elements of safety. The workshop included the following: •Fire safety •Robbery  •Online safety  •Knife crime •Wildlife •Bus and TFL • The children […]

World Smile Day at Buttercup Primary school

We acknowledged World Smile Day by inviting children and staff to come to school wearing something bright. Smiling is a sunnah (The way of the prophet) in Islam, and is also a form of charity. We want our children to spread smiles and happiness where ever they go! We raised £70 on the day. Thank […]

Key stage 1 assembly with PCSO Kassam, PC Kit and PC Mel

The police constable support officers paid  KS 1 a visit to talk to them about being ‘street smart’ – being safe by not talking to strangers or trusting anyone that they are not familiar with. This included remembering not to take anything from ‘strangers’ regardless of the ‘gifts’ or promises they make. The children also […]

Online safety with parents

As part of our parent partnership, parents were invited to attend a meeting with the class teachers to be introduced to the curriculum and everyday life at Buttercup. Online safety was explained to the parents so that they were well informed about how to keep their children safe.

Key stage 2 assembly with PCSO Kassam, PC Mel and PC Kit

Our local officers spoke to the children about being ‘street smart’ and how to keep themselves safe outside and online. The children engaged in many discussions about what they should and should not do in different scenarios. The officers were really impressed with the impact of what children had learnt during safety week,  and how […]

Guided reading in Safety Week

As part Safety week, children in Key stage 2 were given special ‘Safety’ related books to read and discuss in guided reading. The books covered topics on road safety, bullying, online safety and cyber bullying. The children enjoyed the activities in the books and were able to identify the dangers that could be avoided. Later, […]

Safety week fire drill practice

It was the perfect opportunity to practice our fire safety routine in ‘Safety Week’. The children were calm and showed great maturity as they followed instructions  to leave the building safely. This demonstrated their understanding of everything they have learnt during this week. Well done!  

ECO Ambassadors Trip to the Blue Paradox

The Blue Paradox is a unique, immersive experience that delves deep beneath the surface of the ocean plastic crisis. The ECO ambassadors first watched a  presentation about the plastic crises and the effect it has when it is not recycled properly. They learnt about how we should recycle plastic properly and how it will help […]

Transition afternoon at Buttercup Primary

We planned a lovely transition afternoon for the children to meet their new teachers, classrooms and classmates for next year. The teachers spoke about preparing to move to a new class/year group. They discussed strategies to manage transitions between classes and key stages. In Key stage 2, teachers spoke about problem solving strategies for dealing […]

Walk around Brick Lane!

In our history lessons, we have been learning all about Britain since 1948. We took a trip down Brick Lane to look at the history there from the migration of the Bangladeshi community to the UK during the 1970s and learned about the contribution they made to the textiles and food industry. It was interesting […]

Year 3 and 4 Food and International week

For food and International week , children in Year 3 and 4 baked jacket potatoes! In English, the children are reading the book ‘The Tin Forest.’ It is a story about a man who lives in a junkyard, so we decided to link our English lessons -(to do with junk) to our Food week (linking […]

International day at Buttercup Primary!

We ended Food/International week with a bang. The children were invited to come to school dressed in special clothing in celebration of each other’s native cultural identity which was a beautiful way of showcasing their differences and teaching respect.  

Welcome to the Royal Buttercup Tea Party!

A very Royal British tea party at Buttercup Primary school

As part of the KS 1 History topic ‘Famous queens’, the Year 1 and 2 team recreated a royal afternoon tea party for the children to attend. The children leaned about the extravagant tea parties and garden parties the queens used to host and still host even today. So it was a  must to invite […]

The Year 1 and 2 royal tea party guests!

NSPCC assembly

The children at Buttercup watched the NSPCC Speak out, stay safe, pre-online assembly this week. 1 in 5 children in the UK have suffered abuse or neglect. That is why the NSPCC has been visiting primary schools across the UK and Channel Islands to teach children about what’s OK and not OK, and that they […]