At Buttercup Primary children are at the heart of our school. As a school we value the thoughts, ideas and opinions of all our children and the school council is one way the voice of the children is heard loud and clear. Representatives are elected by their classes  three times a year at the start of the term 1,3 & 5. These children have an extremely important job to do.

Our council consists of one representative from each class from Reception to Year 6.The School Council co-ordinater is TBC, she will be supporting the School councillors. The school councillors are TBC, their term in the office will expire in 12 weeks. New councillors will be appointed.

All councillors will be involved in many aspects of running of school life. The school council will meet regularly and discuss issues raised by children in the classesFollowing the meeting, the school councillors will report back to their class on issues that were discussed and actions that will be taken to address their concerns. The role of school councillor lasts for one year, this allows other children in the class to be voted for by their peers. The school council will actively be involved in raising funds for trips and ways to enhance their  school environment.

First meeting for the School Council to discuss plans for the year.

School council Meeting

21st  September 2020



Welcome to the new council


1. Priorities for the year 

  • ECO introduction
  • Mental Health introduction
  • Development of Buttercup’s Khateeb’s
  • To review the schools reward and Sanction system
  • Investors in pupils
  • School bullying
  • School meals and menu
  • School councils own ideas for the year Sept 2019/ Sept 2020
2. Charity days
3. Dates of future meetings
6th November 2019 – Reviewing Self Assessments for pupils

House system:

Buttercup Primary operates a house system. Every child and member of staff is given one of three houses to support. Houses are essential, as they create community spirit and give the children an opportunity to contribute to something bigger that involves children from all year groups. The children also support and raise money for the three house charities. Our houses are Salahudeen Ayubi, Dhul qarnain and Umar  Farook, Each house is represented by their House Captains.The House Captains are responsible for selecting potential charities and promoting those charities, leading their house in competitions and events, and representing the school in the community. Each house is supported by a member of staff who acts as House Leader, the house system is overseen by the Headteacher. Below are our current House Leaders and House captains.
House Leader: TBC
House Captain: TBC
House Leader: TBC
House Captain:  TBC
House Leader: TBC
House Captain: TBC

Earning House Points:

House points are awarded for model behaviour, effort in learning and other good deeds. Pupils also participate and compete in competitions and events for house points. House points are awarded using the following guidance:
  • 1 house point for an isolated achievement (i.e. a one off act of kindness, helpfulness, good work etc)
  • 2 house points for a sustained achievement (i.e. good behaviour for a week, an achieved target, hard work on a project etc)
  • 3 house points for a special achievement (i.e. something that goes above and beyond) or a group achievement (i.e. for winning a class-based team game)
  • 5 to 10 house points can be awarded for super special achievements by the Head of house
Every week, the house points are counted by our House Captains and a weekly winner announced during the Jummah Assembly. House points are then tallied over the course of a term a winner is announced, and the children in that house are rewarded with a special event. At the end of the year, once all house points are tallied, the House Champions will be announced. to see how the different houses are doing this year and to read about this year’s exciting house events.

The House Charities and Fund-raising

Each year, the newly-elected House Captains are responsible for compiling a list of possible charities that are close to the hearts of pupils, staff and parents. Then, the House Captains decide which type of charity each house will support, either a local, national, international or animal charity. Finally, the House Captains will present their shortlist to their house, who will then vote to decide upon their House Charity.
Throughout the year, each year group will have the opportunity to organise a fundraising event, with all monies going to the four house charities. Additionally, the school will continue its support for Orphans project with Islamic help and raise money for Them.

Chosen charities :

Salahudeen Ayubi 


Dhul Qarnain

– Orphan appeal our team have chosen to sponsor 2 young girls from Sudan. Ayah and Emmeh aged 7 and 8 years of age. The girls are able to go to school everyday and are able to eat and drink without having to work.

Umar Farook

– Charity begins close to home! Ensuring the schools future and expansion, our team have many ideas to start raising funds to secure a new premises!