At Buttercup Primary we believe the purpose of Islamic Studies is to mould a thinking, believing and practicing Muslim. It is not about rushing towards memorising the Quran or to learn how to speak Arabic, If a student leaves his or her formative years without developing the Eman and Taqwa needed for a healthy and happy life, then he or she will be stuck living solely for the life of the world. Every whim and fancy will tug their heart to and fro, and every success and achievement will ring hollow.

We have developed a range of teaching and learning materials to enhance the Islamic studies curriculum here and provide a unique tafseer programme that focuses on the understanding of the Quran this is implemented all the way through the entry level at our Early years up until the age of 11 when the child leaves primary education.

At buttercup’s we look upon each and every student as a potential pillar of Islam. The seeds we plant in their hearts today may not germinate until years or decades later. We truly believe that through our whole school curriculum we can achieve the results to instil Islam in all our students.

For further enquiries please contact us directly and we will be happy to help.