Our Thematic approach

At Buttercup Primary school most learning takes place in cross-curricular lessons based on a theme. Each term every class studies a different theme; some are science based, some are historical and others have a geographical bias. Over the course of a year, pupils will experience one of each. The themes are exciting and pupils have the opportunity to help to plan them.

In addition to the class themes, our curriculum includes themed weeks and days which are a focus for the whole school. These special themes reflect the context of the school and our local community and include Eid, black history week, Charity week, maths Week , International week, Science Week, Multi media week,Be Healthy Week, Islam awareness week, and Book week.

It is a curriculum that has been designed & shaped over many years to be as exciting as it is relevant & to fulfil our school vision of preparing our pupils for life as global citizens in modern Britain.

Have a look at what we are learning:

Our curriculum and overviews can be downloaded by clicking the links below:


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