Lost from the School /Early years

In the unlikely event of a child being lost the following procedure should be followed.

  1. A member of staff noticing a child missing from the group should search carefully all the areas used by that group since the child was last seen to eliminate misunderstanding.
  2. Staff should ring the office for a senior member of staff to organise a search of the rest of the building and outside area.
  3. If the child is not found, Headteacher and the child’s parents should be alerted.
  4. Security can be given a description of the child and photo if available.
  5. Information can be sought from other children in the group according to age.
  6. A member of staff may be detailed to search outside the building if there is any information to suggest the child’s possible whereabouts or direction of travel.
  7. Headteacher/Manager, Parents and Senior staff will liaise re calling Police.
  8. If the child is not found after 15 minutes the police will be called.

Lost on an outing

If a child is lost on an outing the member of staff noticing the child missing should alert other members of the party and carry out a numbers check.

  1. A member of staff or the whole group if appropriate should retrace their movements to the last place that the child was seen.
  2. Another member of staff should alert the management of the organisation  being visited and the School to let them know the situation.
  3. Children on the visit should be asked for any relevant information if appropriate.
  4. If the child is not found straight away the School will alert the parents.
  5. If the child is not found after 15 minutes the police will be called

Measures in place to ensure a child does not go missing

  • Information to Parents and staff about challenging unknown persons on the premises and at the door
  • Password system
  • Bell entrance and reception
  • Supervision of children at all times
  • Sufficient staff to maintain ratios with back up plan
  • Collection policy for children
  • Trips which are to places out of the local area should be properly researched. To include: venue – facilities, suitability for age, access, cost, special clothing requirements, eating facilities,transport



Rena Begum       21/09/2020