At Buttercup Nursery we want all children and staff to enjoy their spending time outside safely without the risk of the harmful effects of the sun. We work with staff, children and parents to achieve this through a variety of ways.

  • Parents will be asked to provide sunscreen for the children as well as suitable clothing and hats.
  • Activities set up outdoors should be kept in the shade where possible and children encouraged to use shaded areas for their games.
  • Children should be dressed in cotton clothing that is loose and of a close-weave fabric.  Shoulders and necks will burn easily with a vest top or sundress on.
  • Children should be encouraged to wear hats with brims so that most of their face is shaded.
  • Sunscreen should be applied that is factor 15+, to all exposed parts of the body 15-30 minutes before going out in the sun not forgetting ears, shoulders, necks, noses and tops of feet etc.
  • All children should wear sunscreen.  Parents whose children are allergic to sunscreen should either try to find an alternative or ensure that their chi is adequately covered with long sleeved, long legged clothing.
  • If children are playing in the water, sunscreen will wash off and will need to be reapplied once they have been dried.

Staff need to remember to take care when taking the children taken out.  Suitable clothing, hats, sunscreen and canopies for babies must be taken as well as spare sunscreen for reapplication.  Staff also need to consider whether the venue they are travelling to will have sufficient shaded area for the children.

Children should be taught appropriately about the need for sun protection and its importance through discussion and topics.