Year 3 and 4 Food and International week

For food and International week , children in Year 3 and 4 baked jacket potatoes!
In English, the children are reading the book ‘The Tin Forest.’ It is a story about a man who lives in a junkyard, so we decided to link our English lessons -(to do with junk) to our Food week (linking it to junk food).

In class, we discussed reasons why people buy and eat junk food instead of healthy foods. We discussed alternative healthy meals that we can make for £1 or around £1 instead of junk food. We came up with lots of ideas that included lots of Maths skills and decided a jacket potato meal was a delicious and healthy alternative to make and part of Food week.
To make an International link, children shared how their families add other ingredients from their culture to jacket potato fillings. Children tried curry beans with their potato and it was a hit!